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Your Choice for Securities Law Damages Analysis

Since 2000, FFA has been a leading provider of Securities Account Analysis services for the Securities Arbitration and Litigation community. We specialize in the statistical analysis of investment accounts and in quantifying financial damages for both Securities Arbitration and Litigation cases as well as for Intra-Industry Disputes. Attorneys on both sides rely upon FFA.

Falk Financial Analysis also maintains longstanding Strategic Partnerships with some of the most well regarded Securities Liability Expert Witnesses in the world. FFA acts as the Damages Expert on the Liability Expert’s team while freeing the Liability Expert up to focus on big picture issues by leaving the quantitative work and damages-based testimony to us. These Strategic Partnerships save the Expert significant time and save their clients’ significant money.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

We are committed to providing accurate, high-quality calculations. Our proprietary analysis system includes a rigorous series of checks and balances. These are designed to ensure the complete accuracy of the report.

They include — but are not limited to — an initial cash balancing of the data followed by a more detailed month by month cash balancing, as well as an audit and comparison of the valuation of all investments received and delivered. Additionally, we provide a complete balancing of all shares and investment activity, the inclusion of detailed endnotes for each schedule in which they may be helpful or necessary, and the final polishing, which includes a thorough Damages Expert review of the report.

Securities Account Analysis

Our primary service is securities account analysis, which is also known as profit and loss analysis. We offer a standard analysis report plus a large selection of supplemental and specialty reports designed to highlight the unique aspects of each case.

Custom Exhibit Design

This service can enable us to highlight connections between critical, but seemingly disconnected details of a case, or to create a custom report when needed.

Intra-Industry Disputes

This service most often involves the computation of lost compensation and outstanding forgivable loan damages in intra-industry employment disputes.